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Community Managers


Community Manager



Over seeing lead management, leasing and property management at their perspective locations. Site managers are responsible for being the first point of contact for potential new tenants and will be available to give tours of the buildings. This role also receives requests from the tenants for maintenance needs and will coordinate with our maintenance teams. This requires strong communication skills, time management, leadership and top notch customer service skills in a fast paced environment.



20-40 Hours per week



Phoenix Metro Area, various locations



  • Conduct calls & email with potential new tenants
  • Manage Leads with our tools for waiting list and follow ups
  • Schedule tours with potential tenants
  • Manage deadlines for maintenance and new room buildout
  • Manage a small events calendar
  • Utilizes our property management software to maintain rents
  • Work as a team with other manager in the territory
  • Perform small maintenance task to help keep up the space



Time management, customer service, sales, verbal communication, email communication, problems solving, basic technology abilities, social media (preferred), and retail sales (preferred)



  • Google Email
  • Airtable (Training)
  • Salon Suite Solutions (Training)



  • Self motivated
  • Hard working
  • Works well with a team
  • Keeps cool under pressure
  • Confident & personable
  • Goal oriented
  • Humble and willing to learn


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