Coffee Resource Manager

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Coffee Resource Manager


This role is all about managing the needs and supplies of our coffee shops, supporting the Palette Coffee staff, and maintaining accountability across the team. This position involves doing weekly inventory checks and maintaining the stock pars at all of our locations. In addition, you’ll be leading the onboarding and training processes of new Community Hosts. You will be involved in creating the schedule for the team, and managing payroll. You will be working with our current vendors and helping us identify new vendors for specialty menu items. You will also be expected to help us keep the quality control of our product and service at an acceptable standard.




Full time


  • Update and keep stock and inventory at all locations

  • Deliver any supplies needed to any of our locations
  • Create the bi-weekly schedule for the coffee shops
  • Lead the onboarding and training of new team members
  • Lead quality control at all locations
  • Maintain and develop new vendor relationships
  • Bi-weekly reporting of sales and sales goals
  • Oversee the scheduled maintenance and upkeep of all equipment
  • Answer staff questions and support team when needed
  • Work with community managers to drive sales and stay organized
  • Work with marketing manager to identify and implement new coffee

    marketing strategies

  • Work with regional manager to create goals, maintain site aesthetics, and

    create new systems for optimizing tenant and client experience



Time management, customer service, sales, verbal communication, email communication, problems solving, basic technology abilities, social media (preferred), and retail sales (preferred)


  • Google Email
  • Air table (training available)
  • Google Sheets
  • Square



  • Self motivated
  • Hard working
  • Works well with a team
  • Keeps cool under pressure
  • Confident & personable
  • Goal oriented
  • Humble and willing to learn


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