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Business ownership places your financial future in your hands

But its not that simple…

Traditional Commercial Real Estate

  • Requires a lot of start up captital to build out your space
  • Complicated and invasive leases
  • Excessively high personal financial requirements 
  • Managing employees in order to make the large space operate
  • Costly facility liabilities

Commission Based Employers

  • Want you to believe that you can’t operate without them
  • Make it difficult to connect or communicate with your clients
  • Try to intimidate you with false information

We make opening your business simple

Our leases include all of your utilities & internet

Fully customizable suites

A community of fellow business owners

Full service coffee shop

the Plan for opening your own business

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How do you decide where to open your studio space?

We know that you have a lot of options when it come to choosing a location to open your business. There are so many salon studio and salon suite brands out there, and the commercial real estate industry is overwhelming.


That is why we have worked so hard to create a space that offers all the best that the studio rental world can offer. We choose only the best locations with easy freeway access and we seek to create an enviornment that allows you to benefit from the efforts of your business community around you.


We also love coffee! What better way for you to provide the most comfortable experience for your clients than to have a full service coffee shop at the front of each location.  Our coffee team also doubles as your property management team and provides you with the best experience when renting a studio for your business.

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People of Palette: Madison Cryer

People of Palette: Madison Cryer

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Specialty Drink: Chai Latte

Specialty Drink: Chai Latte

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